Hermes Beckons, a Tale of Alchemy and Magic

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Alchemy and magic dominate. Magician Ralph Garland embarks on a quest to discover the secrets hidden in Hermes’ craft. His research branches into diverse religious traditions, including the Neolithic goddess religion. He journeys beyond the veil and initiates a response from the spirit realm. Many strange experiences occur as he progresses in his alchemical studies, and when his conventional worldview disintegrates, he finally emerges through the portal of mysteries. In fear of losing his mind he opens his heart to his friend and love Shasta Garland, who is writing a new novel in her on-going detective series, one that will apply the theme of magic. She supports him in the healing process, and her nurturing strengthens his resolve to attain his mystical aspirations by producing a magical presentation of alchemy: The Alchemical Light Show. Together the couple evolve toward a spiritual healing and bonding.

Hermes Beckons is a novel of ideas: thought-provoking and stimulating.

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Praise for Hermes Beckons

"For a playful romp in a fictional setting, this is a good one."—The Linking Ring

“Those who do feel akin to his outlook will find the book fascinating reading. Caris is a gifted writer and knows how to make words better than pictures.”—Magicol

"It's a book for a person who likes the broad use of our written language; who relishes the challenges of philosophical questions; and who appreciates the way the pattern in the fabric of life continues past his own eyes and touches many other spots of color and design. Hermes Beckons [is] a deep book, and I have some magic friends who would look forward to reading it a second time." —M-U-M

"Caris is extremely knowledgeable not only about the supernatural, but also the world of magical entertainment....we found the book interesting and intriguing." —Oracle Magic Magazine

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